Not that it will really make a huge difference here, since I've been posting so little anyway, but we're turning off our home Internet connection effective tomorrow. The rates went up just as we were contemplating shutting it down to save money prior to closing on our first home in a few months. I still have access at work, of course, but I don't have much time or inclination to do personal webwandering while I'm at work.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do with my web site here, which has been running some flavor of Drupal (starting with v4.7) since March of 2005. I am looking into some method to archive it in a static manner such that I don't need to pay the (very small) extra premium for an SQL process. I may go to a more conventional (or at least, more minimal) journaling system in the future, since Drupal is and always has been rather overkill for my needs. But for now, I don't have time or inclination to write about much beyond the demands of my job. I still do a fair bit of reading online, however, and I share a fair bit of the things I find interesting, occasionally with commentary.

Prior to Afghanistan in 2006, the idea of voluntarily going without Intarweb access would be completely foreign to me. But having been disconnected involuntarily for weeks at a time, I find that I really don't have that much problem with it. There are plenty of other things to do with my time, after all. Of course, it helps that (as in Afghanistan), I know it's a temporary state. We'll probably hook up again when we get into our new place in February or March--so I can play Left 4 Dead 2, if nothing else.



Enjoyed the ride

I've enjoyed reading, sometimes the mindless dribble of someone elses life is more fun to read than living the real thing.