My wife stopped by to talk to my parents last night and drop off some Mary Kay Kult stuff for Mom, and they got talking about plans for the weekend and whatnot, and my dearest mentioned that we were heading over to her parents' house tonight to watch the recorded debate. Apparently, this idea for a fun Saturday night was met with stunned disbelief.

Look, if it helps wrap your brain around our oddities, pretend it's the playoffs for a sporting even that you care about. Except that our sport only has playoffs every few years, and it actually matters who wins. And sometimes the winners get to invade other countries. Take that in your pipe and smoke it, Super Bowl.


Addendum: Seeing the media articles calling it a "tie" or having "no clear winner," I'm going to predict that I'll call it a clear win for McCain after watching.



I was underwhelmed. Senator Obama was pretty polished and articulate--I give credit where it is due--and Senator McCain failed to pull the trigger when he had the target locked up.


Politics and Sports

I don't watch sports either.


If I had never seen or heard anything about BHO, I would have been more impressed with him than McCain.

I did not get a sense of any clear winner in that debate...too many little things distracted me (McCain not looking at BHO, BHO's always saying McCain was right, BHO forgetting the name on the bracelet he wore, McCain constantly repeating "Senator Obama doesn't understand...", BHO using McCain's first name instead of "Senator". You get the idea.

I think I will vote Baldwin/Castle in 2008.