This and that

Life continues on, about as normal. I go to work, I work out, I come home, I play with Ian and Sunbeam, Ian goes to bed, we watch movies or play video games, I go to sleep. It's a pretty awesome life, actually.

This weekend was a drill weekend--our annual death-by-Powerpoint day on Saturday, during which we take care of all of the mandatory briefings, and then more paperwork and training today and the holiday party. The latter was thrown together at the last minute when previous plans fell through, so there was very little speechifying and whatnot, and mostly just people talking and enjoying each other's company.

On top of this, though, we attended the centennial ball for the Tacoma Armory on Saturday night, as described in the Tacoma News Tribune's article. (For more on the armory, see pictures here and some history here.) Sunbeam thinks the armory is insanely cool, so our attendance was obligatory.

Since I had no intention of wearing period costume, this meant dropping $45+ on updating and cleaning my Class A service uniform, which hadn't seen service since I graduated from Advanced Individual Training at Goodfellow back in August '05. Only a few short years, but I've added two pay grades, seven ribbons, and a combat tour to Afghanistan since then. The bling was impressive, particularly if you don't know how bogus most of those ribbons are.

I'm sure she'll tell you all about it, but Sunbeam wore a dress from back in college--that fit again. Take that, pregnancy!

Of course, this was a fairly prestigious event, and it seemed that the average rank circulating was at least MAJ. Not a good place for the Guard's most junior and inexperienced Staff Sergeant to hang out, but given the riot of obscure dress uniforms not often seen out of the outdated uniform regulations, I was fairly inconspicuous. And the horse-drawn carriage ride was mildly amusing.

We were home late on Saturday night, and then of course I had the drill silliness this morning, so it's been a long weekend and I'm heartily tired of Army business. Fortunately, I can now return to my regular workweek of Army business.