National Guard

Because "Bataan Happy Fun Kittens and Rainbows March" doesn't flow off the tongue.

I've been thinking about it more since I've been going through photos from Afghanistan in 2006 and planning for some of my soldiers to come back from their current tour there. I'm fortunate to have been able to go the places I've been and see the places I've seen and shoot at the assclowns at whom I got to shoot; not many get those opportunities even once, let alone get paid to have them. I should be grateful that I got to go at all, not annoyed that other people are having fun without me. I should be glad to be here and enjoy my family and my friends and my nation. And I should remember, too, how much I wanted to be back here when I was over there and all of the stuff that I wanted to do then but couldn't. And I should do some of it.

Your tax dollars at work

In which Sig spends a lot of your money to stay in a really swanky place and web surf and play video games, which he could have done at home.

An update on my friend

Turns out there's a freaking web site with all (well, some) of the details you could wish for. I still haven't talked to him directly, though I was able to get the number for his room. He's expecting to be released on 05 June, but it will be months before he can return to duty and a year or more before he will be at full throttle again.

One note for concern: his memory is a little... off. One of our mutual friends and drinking buddies in the company called him, and Scott didn't know who he was or where he knew him from. It rattled us more than a little.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.



So before anything else, let me sincerely thank Dave Buckingham, H. L. Kurt, and Brian Mounce for investigating a crash in the middle of the night and taking prompt action which saved the life of my friend, who hunts bad guys in Burien as a county mountie when he's not hunting bad guys in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. Your nation and community are blessed for your concern.

I suspect he makes better coffee, too.

One of the reasons I haven't been posting much is that a lot of my writing energies go into my work. I write between 40 and 100 e-mails a day--usually around 80. Many of these are writing to persuade someone to do something for me, or to do it more expeditiously than they might have otherwise. Examples include getting the pay people to research pay problems for my soldiers, do those administrative actions beyond my power to get issues fixed, research things in databases I can't access, etc., etc. There's a definite art to this. I'm pretty good at it--I can fake "humble" in print, less easily in person--but it is work.

Work update

I've been dreaming about delinquent NCOERs.

My job kind of sucks right now.


It's a remarkably popular office, some days.

Work continues to be interesting. My minion has been having some health problems, so she's been out a fair bit. While she was waiting at the ER late the other evening, we texted back and forth and she told me what I which databases I would need to update if she were to die on the table such that our monthly reports didn't get screwed up too badly. That's dedication to duty right there.

E-mail to a Lieutenant

CCed to the company commander and the outgoing readiness NCO, because we're nipping this problem in the bud right now.


Regardless of how unhappy you may be with whatever situation in which you find yourself, heaping verbal abuse on my SPC is inappropriate and unprofessional. In the future, if you feel the need to swear at us over the phone, please request that SPC [name] pass the phone back to me so I can hang up on you instead.

Alternately, if you would prefer to communicate politely, I can try to resolve your problems.

SSG [Sig]

Next week should be fun.



First, I was told I got the job. Then, there were all sorts of internal politicking things going on where Battalion tried to assert its ownership over my immortal soul by claiming that thereafter I would not only work full time at the battalion office, but would also drill there on weekends--in effect, making me one of those inferior class of people who aren't in B Company.

. . .

PS- Also, and probably of more interest and excitement in our household, Siglet is walking now. 6-7 steps at a time, but I think he only stops because we start getting excited and he doesn't want to tip his hand about just how mobile he is. He's cagey, that one.

Board out of my mind

There may be some value to seeing how much composure a soldier maintains while saying "Sergeant, I do not know the answer at this time" for the tenth time in a row, but I'm not sure what it would be. I honestly don't believe trivia questions help assess anyone's fitness to do anything except memorize and recite trivia, and frankly, we could do with a whole lot less of that in the Army. (I had a friend in junior high and high school who could rattle off the first hundred digits of pi. He was capable of a lot of amazing and useful things, but that was not one of them.)

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