The men in black

The men in black

All of our field teams were mixed Army/Navy. As originally composed, Team 1 was led by Petty Officer 1st Class The Basstid, assisted by SGT (later SSG) Smallville. The other two guys aside from myself were also naval petty officers. The original batch of sailors were game, but not really prepared for the work we ended up doing. That's fair--neither were we, really.

We were able to talk with their replacements as they trained, however, so as the six month mark rolled around and we bid adieu to most of the first batch of Navy, we received a new group who knew what the mission was all about and were prepared accordingly. I can't speak for the other guys, but the two new sailors on our team were fantastic. Over 6' tall, ridiculously fit, and eager to work, they were everything we could have hoped for.

The newly promoted SSG Smallville, not a large man, took one look at his new teammates and said, "They've given me enforcers."

Just having checked out the SAW, I took one look and thought, "They've given me ammo bearers."

I'm not sure what the other guy on our team thought.

The Twin Towers, as we took to calling them, were excellent additions to the team and good guys to have around when shrapnel started hissing around. (The Other Guy and I were occasionally referred to as "the Two Towers," on account of we were kind of on the same side in the war, but cheerfully would have slit each other's throats given half a chance.)

In this picture, the Towers and I are, well, standing around in front of a humvee. I was the only American on the base who shaved regularly. Note also my stylish and non-regulation headgear, knitted by some nice lady in Florida and sent in a care package that ended up in a place I happened to be when I needed a warm cap.



WOW! The new

I'm sure if the Towers are crusing for chicks, they have gotten LOTS of offers thanks to your site. Seriously, despite the smile, you three all look as hard as a woodpecker's beak.



Just another Support pogue acting like an operator. When will the world learn the operators are not in pictures on the internet.

And where?

And where, pray tell, did I ever claim to be an operator? I am not infantry; I am not even combat arms. I've never claimed otherwise. I respect that community greatly, and I was fortunate to be able to work with them a few times, but I have no desire to join them. I know my limitations and my interests, for one; for two, I like being married.

I'm glad you're proud of whatever it is you do, but get over yourself. And learn punctuation.


You Crack Me Up!

Learn punctuation? Sig, you crack me up! Only somebody from our "community" of pogue-nonoperators could possibly understand your dis. I'm still laughing, with the command & staff call on mute!