End of the year nonsense

It's the end of the calendar year--and coincidentally, the end of the Enduring Freedom/Boredom year, which turned out to be more like 11 months.

I thought about setting up a poll so my not-so-vast readership could vote on their favorite entry for 2006, but this would require me to look through them and choose some options, and as I like almost everything I write, I am so not the person to do this. Feel free to speak on this topic in the comments.

I have a few favorites, but what I like and why I like something rarely impinges on the taste of normal people, nor could I hazard a guess as to the tastes of the rare slice of humanity that subscribes to my ravings.

So now I should address 2007, I suppose, since it's almost here.

I am expecting to be fighting evil a good deal closer to home in 2007. A few weeks after I get home, I have to go to Warrior Leadership Course, more commonly known as Platoon Leader Development Course. Two weeks on the government dime, it's required to make E-6 (Staff Sergeant). Since I'm not even a regular Sergeant, I don't know what the rush is, but someone signed me up, so I'll go. Afterward, I will be working full time for the National Guard in conjunction with some other government agencies. I am unclear on the details, even if I were inclined to share them, but I expect to actually use and improve my Russian at this job. I'm happy to stay in uniform, since I am not really interested in returning to the civilian IT sector; they don't arm you well enough.

Socially, I have no real plans past Urn's birthday party, time/date/location still to be determined. I've missed the last two or three years and am anxious to catch up.

Regarding SigSpace itself--

I would like to see expanded readership, but not if it means writing about things I don't care about or churning out high volumes of garbage to keep people's RSS clients pinging. I won't say I do this only for myself, but I'm still the target audience--you all are collateral damage.

Expect yet another layout when Drupal hits v5.0 (now in release candidate status), since it has too many shiny features not to upgrade. I would still like to finish and update this layout, but I always say that and it never happens. Regardless, I will be doing a lot of behind the scenes work to make this site cleaner and more consistent.

In terms of content, I like to pretend that my opinion matters, so there will be more editorializing and reviews and possibly a little ranting. In the immediate future, I will have some sort of retrospective on Afghanistan, lots more photos, and a fairly large list of thank-yous. Military issues and the War on Terror are not going away--I've got four more years in my contract, if nothing else--but I'm hoping to provide more depth than I've been able to on borrowed computers and molasses bandwidth. I also intend to do more writing of a general nature, some of which may find its way here.

In short, expect more and better things. I will try not to disappoint.



sig wrote: I'm happy to

[quote=sig]I'm happy to stay in uniform, since I am not really interested in returning to the civilian IT sector; they don't arm you well enough.


Especially if you work for NMCI. They might get to my early December computer problem in FEBRUARY.

The future of Sigspace

I still envision a seminar/class that you and Durham could teach Marines on how and what to blog to make theirs more entertaining/readable. While there are some Marine blogs that are quite good (i.e. The Sandgram, One Marine's View) most of it is mindless testosterone flexing. Don't get me wrong....I love the Marines..well, one in particular, but your blog is lightyears ahead of most.

Oh, and don't forget to have a nice day.


I'll confess to forgetting

I'll confess to forgetting to read this page. Not because I'm not interested, but because I'm a combination of lazy and forgetful. I'll try to keep up... I really ought to figure out how to use RSS...


If you're not going to read, I'm just going to stop paying you. Oh wait. Yeah, I guess it's probably OK, then. If it's any consolation, I forget to write sometimes.