Christmas keeps on coming

Yesterday afternoon we had a combined welcome-home-Sig and happy-birthday-father-in-law lunch. That meant dead animal flesh, several varieties of potatoes... and presents!

I'm going to continue to not ask for stuff, because people improvise very well. My mother-in-law was dead set on fulfilling some unknown need that I had, and my beloved's youngest brother remembered how I had serious spotting scope envy when we went out to the range. So I have a new spotting scope with which to try to find out where my rounds went.

Also presented were a nice shirt that I may wear to my interview on Tuesday--her other brother and his wife supply half of my non-military wardrobe, I think, possessing much better taste than mine--and a soft rifle case for my earlier Christmas present. I was worried it wouldn't be long enough--but too long for Sweetie's baby 20-gauge--and we'd have to buy another shotgun, but it fits perfectly.

Hurray for toys! It's like people are encouraging me to find a bell tower, but I can't very well do that now because everyone would feel guilty. You can't very well tell the reporters "We didn't see it coming" when you provide me with half of the tools used on the rampage. So I guess I'll behave.

As mentioned, tomorrow I have a job interview--of sorts. It's actually sort of a getting-to-know-me interview with a contract agency that's going to be trying to find me work. They had a few openings that they called me about, but neither really fit in my price or commuting range; they'd still like to meet me, though. Even a practice nothing-will-come-of-this interview is probably of value at this point.

But today we're going to go visit Mike to drink beer, eat food, and play video games.



Simple Things

It's the simple things in life that make happiness!

Christmas, birthdays, etc.

It's almost that time of year already--what would you like for your birthday? Inquiring minds want to know!