Between the lines

It's practically a form notice. I'm sure that there's a MS Word template somewhere with places to fill in the names and units.
[quote="DefenseLink"]The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

Pfc. Kevin F. Edgin, 31, of Dyersburg, Tenn., died on July 6 in Baghran Valley, Afghanistan, when his convoy encountered enemy small arms fire. Edgin was assigned to the Army's 87th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, N.Y.[/quote]
His convoy encountered enemy small arms fire. Vague. Sounds like they were just driving around and came across some gang bangers or something.

I didn't know Kevin Edgin. I never met him. But like another fallen soldier I never met, I know a bit about him.

The Last Full Measure

Courtesy of Soldiers for the Truth, a gut-wrenching article by COL Brett Wyrick, USAF.

An excerpt:[quote]The Detail marched back from the flight line, and slowly the doors of the big transport were secured. The chaplain offered prayers for anyone who wanted to participate, and then the group broke up as the people started to move away into the darkness. The big engines on the transport fired up, and the ground rumbled for miles as they took the runway. His duty was done – he had given the last full measure, and he was on his way home.

The first rule of war is that young men and women die. The second rule of war is that surgeons cannot change the first rule. I think the third rule of war should be that those who have given their all for our freedom are never forgotten, and they are always honored.[/quote]



From Intel Dump, I have just learned that LTC (ret.) David Hackworth has died. ID sums up my own feelings nicely, actually:
[quote]You could always rely on Hack to tell the story from the grunt's perspective, and also to call BS when he smelled it. On occasion, he was a little trigger-happy; I'm not sure all his criticisms hit the mark. But his heart was generally in the right place, and his work as a soldier and a patriot made this country stronger.[/quote]
Hackworth was the author of a particularly compelling piece on Basic Training which I blogged about once several months ago, March of the Porcelain Soldiers.

Read the first linked bit from Intel Dump--it summarizes the good Colonel's accomplishments and links to further info about a fine American who will be missed.


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