Так мое слово становится камнем

Leadership FAIL.

It's like he's somehow beyond performing mere senatorial duties because of his higher calling to run for the presidency.

Unfit to serve

In which Sig complains bitterly about the lies of a soon-to-be-former soldier in his unit.

[With a grammar fix, updates, and more linkage]

"As a side note, when SIGINT people think you are standoffish and weird, you probably should seek professional assistance."

Almost crawling

[Video embedded on full article.]

I know YouTube is evil, but it's still powerfully convenient.

He just can't quite figure out what the arms are supposed to do, aside from push the front half off of the ground. Taken with my crackberry, this is some high action captured on electrons, complete with a good spill toward the end. But, you will note, he endures with a smile. Equally hilarious, and much more common, is when he gets up on his hands and knees, can't figure out what to do next, gets angry, and starts yelling.

Although I haven't previously marked it here, he is six months old as of August 28. Mother and son do exceedingly well, and Dad is very very pleased with life.




I admit to putting the gator near his face, but the decision to ingest it was entirely unprompted.

The gator was the second stuffed animal I ever bought him, the first being Shiva, of course. I bought him at an alligator farm in Florida, one of the high points of a largely terrible TDY earlier this year. I thought the albinos were terribly cute, but I forgot the cardinal rule of buying things for infants: bright colors. He's just not that interested in Swampy, except as a chew toy. On the other hand, maybe that's the sort of aggressive attitude we are going for.


In defense of

From this story:

I never thought I would be threatened in a situation outside my job or need to come to the aid of someone else being threatened. However, I would have been devastated had I awakened the next morning and read in the newspaper, or watched the television news, to see that one of those young women had been beaten and killed by Mr. Need because I chose to drive by and not intervene.

Which would be worse? To defend yourself, or another in need, with lethal force and then live with the consequences of that action for the rest of your life--or to fail to do so because you were not prepared, either mentally or physically, to intervene and be forced to live with the consequences of that for the rest of your life?

I have more cause than many to know that there are bad people running around who wish us harm. I know for a fact that my experiences have colored my perceptions of the world around me. One of the reasons that I don't like going to the mall is because there are a lot of people there--and I can't watch them all at once. Is that rational? Probably not. After all, what are the odds of someone deciding to employ lethal force in a public place, such as a university, a strip mall, or a church?

Linkage aside, the odds are against it. However, the odds are also against my participation in a serious automobile accident--yet I wear a seat belt every time I get in the car, because the potential consequences are too grave to leave to chance.


Ring tones

I always spoke contemptuously of people with fashionably musical ring tones. What an insane waste of technology! How ridiculously pretentious! What a lame song! OK, so mostly I was contemptuous of people's taste. And also jealous because I wasn't willing to waste money on a cool phone that could do shiny ring tones.

Now I have a cool phone because we swapped over to T-Mobile. Yes, I've joined the Crackberry generation. And that means I can have cool ring tones, too.

To aid in this endeavor, I found a shiny site called Audiko which has a zillion musical ring tones available and will create new ones from your existing MP3s. So now instead of some lame ring-ring-ring noise, I've got Collective Soul's Heavy.

My phone is cooler than yours, but more importantly, my musical taste is superior.


In case you're wondering

One of the many factors keeping my posting rate to a crawl is that while I was gone at BNCOC, my wife moved. We now live in Gig Harbor, and I commute 25 minutes each way instead of 65. (This is awesome.) However, a down side of this change is that we do not yet have intarweb access, so I can only do online things when I can get on Sunbeam's laptop and steal the neighbor's wireless. This will be resolved shortly when the DSL is installed.

Of course, I still won't post as much as I ought, but it should be more than current.


Amazon reviews never cease to entertain

Take a gander at the 1-star reviews of this book critical of Obama and the 5-star reviews of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's book. Do you see any similarities? How about an almost complete lack of substance to the review, discussion of what the book is actually about and how well it addresses its points?

I can call people liars or brilliant visionaries, too, but that doesn't make it so.

Now to be fair, the reviews written at the other end of the spectrum (on both books) are not exactly full of truthiness, either, but you will find some that actually discuss the content of the books.

I find the disparity... illuminating.

For the record--since this is rumored to be constantly changing:

Pelosi's book: 133 reviews, 1-star (116), 5-star (16)
Obama Nation: 328 reviews, 1-star (171), 5-star (125)

The latter, incidentally, is written by one of the authors of Unfit for Command, the infamous "swiftboat smear" book.


Staff Sergeant Sig

In which Sig expounds upon why his newly exalted rank is a mixed blessing.


Грузия ("grooziya", roughly) is Russian for Georgia.

That's pretty much my total contribution to the current crisis.

For some informed commentary, more pro-Russia (well, less anti-Russia) than you are likely to see elsewhere, check out Saakashvilli's War from Sean's Russia Blog. I don't necessarily agree with all of his points, but it's definitely a different picture than is being painted in most of the media coverage I've seen.

(I would note that according to some of the accounts I've read, no ethnic Georgians were allowed to vote in the first independence referendum, which would suggest that it wasn't exactly definitive.)

Given the tensions involved and how close and mixed up everyone is, it wouldn't surprise me to find out some day that some jackass with a sniper rifle started it all when he picked off a few Georgian soldiers.


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