Fun facts about Kandahar

There are many military people here representing various united nations. Many of them are female. Some of those sunbathe in bikinis. I have not yet heard of any EO complaints.

Overheard in the hut

[quote]"You moved your bed."


A pause.

"On purpose?"[/quote]


"Meeting the Media"

The Army's helpful guide to dealing with the fourth estate. With commentary, of course.

After Action Review

A wise LT once said, "Stabbing your instructors is not an approved method of classroom criticism. The Army tends to prefer AARs." Fine, sir. We'll do it your way.

Slashdot makes me cry

I forget about April Fool's Day. It ranks somewhere below Arbor Day on my personal list of important holidays. I am mildly amused by Slashdot today, but I hope it goes away soon. My eyes bleed. The article discussing the "new design" has some pretty amusing comments, though.


Mentioned by name

Apparently, at a recent team leader meeting it was revealed that our state National Guard's commanding general and command sergeant major were here on Bagram, and people interested in having dinner with them who are not Sig were encouraged to volunteer.

It's a good sign that they know me well enough over at the company to put these little caveats in our directives.


An old problem

Correspondence from the Duke of Wellington, August of 1812, strongly suggests that we haven't learned a whole lot in the last 200 years.

South Park vs. Scientology

Personally, I believe Scientology to also be pretty vile, but without the redeeming features of South Park. So this really does amuse me, and it also impresses me that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park's creators, are willing to take a position against prominent Hollywood scientologists.

More mail

Did I not say that mail was one of the greatest inventions ever? Did I not perhaps suggest that I'd said it before and would in the future?

Ha, I say, for it has proven true again.

Overheard in the hut

SGT Smallville: (after an announcement) "Say again all after 'I don't want to repeat this.'"


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