Review: Expelled

Anyone interested in the state of science in America today really ought to go see this film. Anyone who believes that science is nonpolitical REALLY ought to go see this film.

I give it 9 out of 10 DNA-seeding space aliens.

Review: Transformers

Any time you blow up a city, you have Sig in the audience cheering. [Independence Day started to fail horribly when it stopped blowing up cities.] In this movie, they break stuff. A lot of stuff. It's totally awesome. Plus there's a robotic decapitation and a robotic dismemberment. Sweet.

Theatrical release: 8 out of 10 ROBOTS! FROM SPACE! FIGHTING!
No-hackers-or-military-officers Special "Sig" Edition: 14 out of 10 ROBOTS! FROM SPACE! FIGHTING!

Review: The Break Up

I can see where a lot of people would enjoy this.

4 broken hearts out of 10.

Underworld Evolution

I enjoyed the first film, which had most of the same features as this one, although I thought the plot held together a little better. And to be fair, many of what I consider to be "plot holes" may in fact be "areas of mystery to be explained in a third movie." That annoys me, but since I do it in my own writing, I can hardly in all fairness complain when someone else does it.


I give it 7 bloody impalements out of 10.

Band of Brothers -- "Bastogne"

It's funny to me that people can watch movies like this, or Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan, and conclude that nothing in the universe could induce them to volunteer to serve in the military. Yet others can watch these same works and feel called.

'The Browncoats Rise Again'

This is the only movie I have been waiting for this summer.

A delightfully unproductive weekend

So my main goal this weekend was not to spend a ton of money, especially as we don't actually seem to possess a ton of money (who knew?). I did spend about 20 bucks on computer speakers for my CD player so I could have tunes whilst moving about the room, but other than that I was pretty good. OK, I bought some beef jerky, coffee, and Powerade, too, but that was dinner last night.

Mostly, I spent Friday and Saturday either playing Taylor's XBox games or watching Taylor's DVDs. These would be Samurai Warrior, RSR (something-or-another syndicate racing, basically a clone of Need For Speed: Underground), and Kill Bill Vol I & II. Taylor himself was there for part of this, but then went on an excursion with his wife of indeterminate length--in other words, I haven't seen him in a while.

Kill Bill was particularly strange. I am one of 4 people on the planet who not only hadn't seen it, but had only the slightest idea what it involved. It was quite violent, rather vulgar, but more enjoyable than most Quentin Tarantino films. It helps if you know and appreciate some anime, I suspect. I won't go into details, since you either a) have seen it, b) might someday see it (in which case I won't ruin it), or c) will never see it (in which case you don't care).

Suffice it to say that a lot of bizarre, incomprehensible behavior and statements that I have witnessed over the last few years suddenly have a context within this film.

At the moment I'm killing time until church services start here on post. We'll see how good or bad the chapel protestant service is, and then decide from there whether it's worthwhile to try to arrange off-post transport to a Church of Christ service. There's a contemporary service here in the evening that I will probably avoid, but the morning service is supposed to be pretty traditional.


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