It took me two days to track down someone who could open up the armory and get me a weapon, and I'm finally carrying again--my M-16, because the supply sergeant is "not sure" where my M-249 is. Not sure. How can you be not sure? This isn't a laundry bag that got thrown in the wrong bin--it's a belt-fed 5.56mm fully automatic friendmaker.

Guns and meat day

I fired a few pistols and almost every rifle that was present, including several variants of the Russian Mosin-Nagant rifle, a Springfield 1903, and several others whose type escapes my memory. The carbine M-N in particular had a kick like a mule and belched a foot of flame. It's hard to shoot straight when you are afraid to pull the trigger.

View through the M2

View through the M2

During one of our endless convoys, a fairly large vehicle broke down and we were stuck for several hours while they tried to get it moving again. Since I was riding in a vehicle of mechanics, I got to man the .50 caliber machine gun while they worked on the broken thing.

Fortunately, no one came calling because I have only the vaguest notions of how to operate this weapon.


Christmas is coming soon

I've been a very good boy.



I now have an M9.


Victory and defeat

Personally, I think that things would be resolved if [entity] would get their head out of their [anatomical reference], but having more [object] in the [object] would also help enormously.



My sharp shinies.

Sharp shinies

Because knives are inherently cool.

I am easy to amuse

In which Sig accomplishes a thoroughly meaningless task that he set for himself. Huzzah!

Let's call it a 'bullet-resistant' vest

Courtesy of Jawa posting at this thread on CoG, here is more than you ever wanted to know about body armor. Shiny pictures demonstrate some of the forces involved when the bullet meets the vest.

For the curious, more info about the current body armor being issued.


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