Трудно переводить из сервера на новый сайт

Grr. I've spent most of my evening trying to figure out a GOOD way to selectively import content from the old Sobrania.homelinux.net site to the new Sobrania.net site, and it's just not happening. On the plus side, should I need it, I can backup and restore the current site pretty easily, but I really wanted to be able to transfer things over selectively--certain stories, certain posts, and in particular the Русский resources and web links. As it is, looks like I'll be copying and pasting selectively, and even THAT is a pain in the зад right now because the server is not talking nice at all, and I can't get the network back on the Intarweb until I replace the network card or whatever the heck is wrong with it.

No way around it. Gotta crack the case open. But not tonight. I still have homework, and I want to get some recreational DVD watching done tonight, too. It's already 2000; fortunately, homework won't take but 20 minutes.