In defense of

From this story:

I never thought I would be threatened in a situation outside my job or need to come to the aid of someone else being threatened. However, I would have been devastated had I awakened the next morning and read in the newspaper, or watched the television news, to see that one of those young women had been beaten and killed by Mr. Need because I chose to drive by and not intervene.

Which would be worse? To defend yourself, or another in need, with lethal force and then live with the consequences of that action for the rest of your life--or to fail to do so because you were not prepared, either mentally or physically, to intervene and be forced to live with the consequences of that for the rest of your life?

I have more cause than many to know that there are bad people running around who wish us harm. I know for a fact that my experiences have colored my perceptions of the world around me. One of the reasons that I don't like going to the mall is because there are a lot of people there--and I can't watch them all at once. Is that rational? Probably not. After all, what are the odds of someone deciding to employ lethal force in a public place, such as a university, a strip mall, or a church?

Linkage aside, the odds are against it. However, the odds are also against my participation in a serious automobile accident--yet I wear a seat belt every time I get in the car, because the potential consequences are too grave to leave to chance.



In Defense of.

Made that choice. And no, it ain't pleasant in the long term. You will always ask yourself,"could I or someone else have taken decisive action sooner, and spared other people from this asshole's predation?", and you just can't answer that question.

Oh! and as for the alligator chomping youngin', enjoy these times. They are what life is about.

Don't be a stranger at sayanything, always need young bloods in the mix. Even if they is all NCOified and whatnot.