I voted in the primary.

[Originally posted at Vox Veterana on 23 JAN 08.]

...via absentee ballot, about 30 seconds before my wife informed me that my candidate had dropped out that day.

So now I`m supporting Great Cthulhu for 2008. I`m tired of settling for the lesser evil. Ph`nglui mglw`nafh Cthulhu R`lyeh wgah`nagl fhtagn!

I could possibly be talked into voting for Romney or Giuliani, however.


The Case Against Senator Obama

In which Sig spends a lot of words just to link to somebody else who did a much better job of explaining why not everyone feels the Hope and Change.

That about sums it up.

That about sums it up.

After Bible study the other night a group of us headed over to Travis and Nicole's house, as is our wont. We got talking about the forthcoming presidential election, as is popular of late, and I remarked that the situation reminded me of the ad for the Alien vs. Predator movie: "Whoever wins, we lose." It never occurred to me that someone HADN'T done up a picture based on that premise, but I haven't been able to find one. Travis was up to the challenge, however, and I am indebted, since I have exactly zero Photoshop skills.

It's funny only because it's true. On our calendar at work, November 4 shows "Election Day." November 5's caption is "Drink heavily and cry a little."


Leadership FAIL.

It's like he's somehow beyond performing mere senatorial duties because of his higher calling to run for the presidency.

Amazon reviews never cease to entertain

Take a gander at the 1-star reviews of this book critical of Obama and the 5-star reviews of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's book. Do you see any similarities? How about an almost complete lack of substance to the review, discussion of what the book is actually about and how well it addresses its points?

I can call people liars or brilliant visionaries, too, but that doesn't make it so.

Now to be fair, the reviews written at the other end of the spectrum (on both books) are not exactly full of truthiness, either, but you will find some that actually discuss the content of the books.

I find the disparity... illuminating.

For the record--since this is rumored to be constantly changing:

Pelosi's book: 133 reviews, 1-star (116), 5-star (16)
Obama Nation: 328 reviews, 1-star (171), 5-star (125)

The latter, incidentally, is written by one of the authors of Unfit for Command, the infamous "swiftboat smear" book.


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