Twice denied

As with last year, they somehow are going to try to cope with the disaster without my help. Last time, it was because our unit was too far down on the list to be of use.

This time, they called up my unit, had us wait around all day long, and then pulled out most of the people already on orders. Because I'm already on full time orders for the state, to put me on State Active Duty (SAD) orders would jeopardize my housing allowance and other regular benefits I get. The organization I work for doesn't want to give us up to help out the state emergency because they're paying our bills. So basically, I don't get to help out because there would be too much paperwork involved.

Today was entirely wasted, my unit is having fun without me, and I have to go back in tomorrow to write reports that no one will read. And I have drill this weekend, during which I'll probably be stuck doing more of the same.

This is what the Guard does; due to bureaucratic nonsense, I don't get to participate. I'm entirely unsatisfied with this outcome. If I weren't looking for a different source of work already, I would be now.