E-mail scams, post-OIF

Maybe these aren't new to anyone else, but this is the first I've seen of it:

For Your Attention:
The Managing Director/Owner


Hello, my name is MUZAHIM al-BAJAJI; this is an urgent Contract Invitation
from Iraq . My benefactor in the new PM Al-Maliki regime is the Director
General of the Budget Department/Debt Management Office (DMO) of the
Ministry of Finance. He has mandated me to seek for your co-operation in a
multi million Dollars worth of contract supplies on various goods and

Civilian Aircraft.
Hospital Equipment.
Water Treatment Plants.
Agricultural and Irrigation equipment.
Crude Oil Mining and Shipment overseas.
High Tech and Telecommunications equipment.
General Air Purification and Filtration.
Heavy duty construction and Earth moving Equipment.
Machinery and Metal Tooling.
hydraulic equipment and air hydraulic pump
Medical equipment & Health Products
Computer Products, Hardware & Electronic Equipment.
Waste Disposal Equipment.
Air Pollution Control.
Building and Estate Management.
Bullet Proof doors.
Buses and Cars for ultra modern urban transportation network.

If your company is capable of supplying any of the above-mentioned items,
then kindly respond immediately DETAILING YOUR DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBERS
AND EXCLUSIVE E-MAIL and a scanned attachment of your well articulated
TENDER. As soon as we receive these, I shall get back to you with all
details exclusively. The final decision would be predicated upon your
Company’s capabilities.

Program Management Office.
NB: 100% upfront is paid for all supplies

The "from" domain is pnri.dost.gov.ph, but the "reply-to" domain is live.com.

At least it's novel. I was getting tired of the huge sums of money being offered to me, a random intarweb stranger, and I think it's rather telling in this economy that the scammers are promising not free money, but lucrative post-war reconstruction contracts.