US Army

Delays and equipment

In which Sig sticks around longer than planned, and adds a few more items to the inventory.

Mentioned by name

Apparently, at a recent team leader meeting it was revealed that our state National Guard's commanding general and command sergeant major were here on Bagram, and people interested in having dinner with them who are not Sig were encouraged to volunteer.

It's a good sign that they know me well enough over at the company to put these little caveats in our directives.


An old problem

Correspondence from the Duke of Wellington, August of 1812, strongly suggests that we haven't learned a whole lot in the last 200 years.

Moving on

Five of the members of our teams were chosen to go off on a detached duty for three months. It is, to put it mildly, a choice assignment with a wide variety of perks. Alas, I was not one of those chosen. I chalk this up to the fact that I'm borderline insubordinate and kind of a jerk.

Band of Brothers -- "Bastogne"

It's funny to me that people can watch movies like this, or Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan, and conclude that nothing in the universe could induce them to volunteer to serve in the military. Yet others can watch these same works and feel called.

New Toys

Apparently, the CO loves us and wants us to be able to find our way home.

Still alive

Stop worrying, Ma.

Just so there's no doubt

I love my job. I love being a Soldier. I even love being over here doing this mission, even though it takes me away from my wife, because it needs doing and I can do it. I get far more satisfaction from being here than I ever have from fixing someone's computer.

I woke up ready to rock and roll at 0430. I've been listening to metal, cleaning my weapon, drinking coffee, and checking over my gear since that time. Now it's time to load up, check out the vehicle, catch some breakfast, and get moving on my day, and I'm looking forward to it.

Even when it sucks, there's only one place I'd rather be, and She understands and is waiting for me there.


Victory and defeat

Personally, I think that things would be resolved if [entity] would get their head out of their [anatomical reference], but having more [object] in the [object] would also help enormously.

Roy's Quote

In which Sig discusses the significance of Roy Benavidez, and why you should click on his link.

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