Getting NCOified

What homework? It's day two of Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course, better known as BNCOC or "bee-knock." As my beloved pointed out, this would more logically be pronounced as "bean-cock," but for some reason that version has not become popular.

I feel unclean.

I've been learning/working with Microsoft Access 2003 all day long. This is one of those instances where it probably is the best tool for the circumstances and requirements, but I still feel the need to wash my hands.


Not dead, just... detached.

I'll probably have more to write about it, but I don't know when just yet. Opportunities should be a little more frequent, however, since the great generosity of several friends has allowed me to build a computer only 3 or 4 years behind the state of the art--good enough, as they say, for government work. Also, if I can ever get my disks and my manuals in the same physical locality, I might even be able to play some of my old games.

A quick note to parents

This is Truth.

No matter what they tell you, your coworkers secretly hate you for bringing your children with you to work.


Back still hurts, work still silly.

Work was dull and a little depressing. It's one thing to say things like "nothing I do matters" and "my job is entirely meaningless," but it's another to have it reinforced by coming back to it after a week and a half to find that your absence made no difference whatsoever except that you didn't turn in a time accounting form while you were gone.

"Light duty"--is that a joke?

I can theoretically work from home, but translating on narcotics is probably contraindicated.

The route

It's not super pleasant, and it's not the greatest money, but it can be done. And as with any unpleasant work, there's a certain satisfaction in doing something that most people couldn't or wouldn't.


There are lots of officers and NCOs around, but none of them are tasked specifically with our work. No one has responsibility for us. I'm not even sure who I report to, exactly. If anyone. This may be a dream come true for some people, but for me it's downright disturbing.


It is with some relief but conflicted feelings that I report that a job seems to have found me.

Three more days

In which Sunbeam has car troubles which are overcome, and Sig delays the inevitable return to the civilian workforce for at least another six weeks.

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