The writing that I'm not doing

It's kind of hard to motivate myself to spend time in front of the computer after spending all day in front of the computer. You may have noticed that my content comes in fits and spurts--nothing for a week, and then four or five things in a day. I'm trying to be more diligent, but it's kind of hit or miss.

I have lots on my mind. Life is good, but there are things ever looming on the horizon. Chief among those at the moment is that my little brother just received his warno--looks like another trip to the sandbox along with 12,000 of his closest friends. The situation may work out where he could go as a chaplain--since that's what he's been aiming for these last few years--rather than as a radio guy or artillery guy or whatever it is that he would otherwise do. I hope so, though not (just) for his safety. That's where his heart's been at for a while, and it would be better for everybody if he could be at it. Though I personally think chaplains should probably be locked up for their own protection--I don't get going into a war zone without all of the firepower you can manage--I'm quite happy to salute one, even if he happens to be my little brother.

It's been made abundantly clear to me that I am not to contemplate lunatic schemes to join him in his overseas adventure.

Also of interest, I will be contributing a piece here and there on a new group site for "war vets" as which, I am surprised to realize, I now qualify. There seems to be a fair quantity of support and momentum to get it off the ground, and I'm rather flattered to be ask to be part of it. I will post linkage and more info as it becomes available, but it should start up before April is out.

I won't be neglecting SigSpace--well, not anymore than I already do. Some of my military-minded material will probably show up there first, but I want to write about other things, and this will always be the place for whatever strikes my fancy.

I would write more now, but I am doing important research for the next in my review series. In this case, Lego Star Wars II for XBox.

Yeah, my life is rough.




I especially enjoy reading any of your reviews. I can hardly wait for this next one!