Leadership FAIL.

So apparently we're having a financial crisis, and there's a big bill in the works in Congress that is supposed to solve things, but it's potentially the largest increase in size of the federal government in American history, so some people are all for it and some are all against, but there's a lot of debate because a good deal is riding on doing this right so we don't sink into another depression, and John McCain decides that it's more important that he go back to the Senate--you know, the legislative body that he currently serves in--to see if he can help get this thing done right because even Harry Ex-Marine Reid says that he won't pass it without Republican support so McCain calls up Barack Obama and says, Hey, let's put Friday's debate on hold because our country needs us to solve this huge crisis and we are leaders of our parties and we can, you know, provide Hope and Change Right Freaking Now and it's our responsibility to do so, so what do you say?

And Barack Obama--who is also currently serving in the Senate--says, Whatever, man, I have been talking to Congress on the phone all week and telling them that this is really important and I think if we just put out a joint statement that This is Really Important So Fix It Right Now then that will be good enough and we can have our debate, because really it's more important that we debate about our worthiness to be President in a few months than that we fulfill our current sworn duties to be Senators, and anyway, if they need me they can call me, and this is more important right now because frankly my job is to Win The Big Chair and I don't take this Senatoring thing very seriously and it's not like I have actually personally written any legislation that passed anyway, so you should show up to the debate anyway because otherwise you're just playing partisan politics by trying to solve our national crisis instead of campaigning.

I am going from memory, but I think I pretty much got it down.


To clarify:

I don't necessarily think that McCain's presence at the Senate is going to magically fix things, nor that his plan or views are necessarily what we need. For all I know, McCain's and Obama's absence from the senate may be the factor that saves our economy.

But to argue that fulfilling your sworn duties instead of campaigning for President is somehow "partisan politics" just blows my mind. Although I don't think anything tops the "they can call me if they need me" comment. Hey, jackass--McCain did call you, but you wanted to issue a really strongly worded press release and get on with the campaign. What would you call that? The UN Approach?

It's like he's somehow beyond performing mere senatorial duties because of his higher calling to run for the presidency.

I say again: Fail.



Well said! :)

I actually find it kind of ironic that Obama is pushing SO HARD to have this debate. Is this one of the "official" debates? He skipped out on all the other ones, even though he called McCain out to have a debate NO LESS THAN four times – and then reneged on every one McCain invited him to take part in. What the heck?

"Scheduling conflicts" every time. But now he's all, "Presidents are called to do more than one thing at a time, so let me know if I can help." If he can help? Is this whole legislative thing suddenly below his "pay grade"? ;)

I'm thinking he's pushing this debate so he can look all high-and-mighty about trying to hold McCain to it. Whatcha wanna bet many of his followers are thinking it was McCain who reneged on every one of Obama's debate challenges?

Ranty-ranty-rant-rant-rant . . . I could go on all day. :)

Love you. :)

--Wife XOXOXOXO!!!!

They Both Make Me Mad

This country needs to get more than one political party with clout...we have so many to chose from, but none with enough backing other than the Republicrats

Baldwin/Castle (Constitution)
Barr/Root (Libertarian)
Calero/Kennedy (Socialist Workers)
Keyes/Drake (Independent)
La Riva/Puryear (Socialism and Liberation)
McCain/Palin (Republican)
McKinney/Clemente (Green)
Moore/Alexander (Socialist)
Nader/Gonzalez (Independent)
Obama/Biden (Democrat)
Weill/McEnulty (Reform)

I think I will explore Baldwin/Castle.

I guess it's in how you read

I guess it's in how you read it.

Of course, the thing is that there's nothing Obama could have done which wouldn't have been crowed about by the McCain camp - if he had cancelled the existing commitment, then he would have been branded as merely following McCain's lead. To me, it looked like McCain was seizing on any opportunity to get out of the debate - that he needed an excuse.



This was my own gut reaction to Obama's speech, which I happened to hear live on the way home right before I wrote about it; I really don't know what hay McCain's campaign was able to make out of it. As for McCain ducking out, it would be hard to imagine a scenario where he would want to. Foreign policy is McCain's strong suit and arguably Obama's weakest, and he has repeatedly been rebuffed in his calls for debate up until this one.

As it happens, perhaps they really did need Obama to make a less lukewarm showing of support, since there were so many defectors from his own party in the vote.


I honestly couldn't say why

I honestly couldn't say why McCain would want to duck a debate. Perhaps he felt the venue would be less than sympathetic to him, which is largely why Obama has been rebuffing debate requests - nobody wants to play with a deck stacked against him. Nonetheless, especially since this one wasn't merely a request but an actual scheduled debate, it seemed like McCain was bailing, and using it to make (yet another) cheap shot at Obama besides, which didn't make McCain look any better to me.