User Accounts

I'm not going to go through and re-create the user accounts from the old system because

  • There were only a dozen or so, few of them used more than once
  • It's easy to login using or accounts
  • Account self-creation is live and functional

This last is particularly amusing to me, since I could never get it to work right when it was running on my server.

So create an account at will. The basic account will let you customize the layout (not many themes enabled yet, but they're coming) and post comments under your own name, keep track of new stuff since last visit, etc. If you are so inclined, and I judge you worthy (e.g. not a stalker, psycho, or obnoxious 14-year-old), I can enable posting of blogs and stories also.

This may actually be worthwhile to do now, since I have the site hosted somewhere other than my own DSL connection. Thus, the site will be available--even when I'm playing Halo 2.



Account self creation

How do I do that?

Re: Account self creation

[quote=]How do I do that?[/quote]
Sorry, that wasn't immediately clear.

Click on 'login' at the top and then the second (hard to read) tab labeled 'register,' or just go here.

I'll fix that.

Tried to log in using my LJ a

Tried to log in using my LJ account name and password, no joy. Will try to break your server again sometime soon. Not sure why I'm trying to log in anyway except that it's shiny and new and seemed like it might be interesting to try. Nice site design, wish I could read Russian. At least the cyrillics display beautifully.

Sorry, but it won't work without the as part of the username. =) I should make a custom login widget for LJ logins....

Re: I got it

[]Thanks to obsessively refreshing my friends page on LJ for some reason, I caught your additional instruction there. Guess I can't break the server. ;)[/quote]I hope not. This isn't running on my hardware any more. =)