Return of the Jawa

But mostly I'm just tired of it. I have actual war experience now. My real Army friends, SSG Smallville among them, are going to Afghanistan again soon, and I'm not going with them. I'm worried about actual American heroes doing a dangerous job while I am safe at home with my family, and I no longer have the energy, patience, or will to spend time on a wannabe.

Intolerance notes

A long boring post about CoG, political intolerance, and proposition 8.

Home again

In which Sig returns to his home of record after 19 months and 8 days of active duty military service.

Close call

"We should totally delete the boards!" I have the best ideas when I'm drinking.

CoG SW Tour II Begins

My wife left Bremerton circa 0930 this morning. Tonight she'll make it as far as Central OR, stopping in Visalia, CA on Friday, LA on Saturday (I think?), and then it gets confusing and strange. But the important part is that she will be here in San Angelo, TX on Wednesday to pin on my intel branch insignia at my graduation ceremony on Thursday next.


After that, I outprocess at Ft. Hood, and start the trek home. Again, via very nondirect routes which pass through towns with friends and beer. Excellent.


CoG / SW America Tour 2005

The harrowing tale of how we traveled from Monterey, CA to San Angelo, TX--via San Diego, Tempe/Phoenix, and Houston--to see friends we'd never met and consume beers we'd never had.

The Last Trip Report

Trip AAR from San Angelo.

Post-Houston Report

The Lives and Loves of the Greater Houston Area

Reporting in from--where the hell are we, anyway?

Checking in from the Best Western Express in some small town just west of Houston on I-10. They, too, have free wireless. I have to say that this is a trend of which I highly approve.

I just finished uploading the random odd things I had written down while riding along, backdating the posts as appropriate. We hit town around 1900, got a nice room, and walked over to one of the many local Mexican places. Good salsa, excellent mole sauce on the chicken enchiladas, and (She tells me) a tasty marguerita. I had a Long Island Tea--they don't call it a Long Island Iced Tea here, apparently because only a complete and utter moron would not put ice in it--but since I'd never had one before, I couldn't say how good it was. I found it rather tasty, if a bit sweeter than my normal fare.

At the moment, my beloved is talking to Keeper on the telephone device thing, arranging tomorrow. It will totally r0xx0r.


Checking In from the Inn

Sitting in the Days Inn, watching an episode of Popeye the Sailor from 1934 on the Cartoon Network while Sweetie self-prettifies. It is disturbing. The cartoon, not Sweetie.

We'll hit the continental breakfast in a few minutes, check out, and then go seek some good coffee (or Starbuck's, if we can't find good coffee) on our way out. Not a lot of navigation or thought required on today's leg--drive east on I-10. Это всё.

Tonight should see us within a few hours of Keeper and KK, depending on how far and how fast we can go today. This state is freaking huge.


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