Seeing the difference

Seeing the difference doesn't mean agreeing with you. That's really one of the most irksome points - there are those, a most vocal group of people, I fear, who just plain don't get the idea that there are people who, given the same set of information, just plain don't come to the same conclusion.

Honestly, whenever I find a commentary calling Obama a "socialist", I stop reading it. I was alive during the 80s. I can tell the difference between socialism and a concept of government regulation, and I abhor the misuse of the term, and it's being used as a senseless perjorative simply due to not liking (what some have interpreted as being) another's policy. I've heard the term applied to every candidate who is not straight up libertarian, and the usage bores me.

The rest, is... well, somewhere between hyperbole and outright falsehood, and that too bores me.

Honestly, the election coming up isn't really about the candidates. Neither man, as president, will have anything like the power their supporters desire. They are held in check by the web of politics which exists for that very purpose.

In a very large way, the election is about cultural views. Very simply, speaking from the left, I don't feel the right wants there to be room in America for people like me. I see people who don't understand or respect that there are people who just plain don't agree with them. And since America is fundamentally about disparate people being able to work together, I cannot - as a conscientious American - possibly support the candidate that such people support.


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