Of battle buddies and blue falcons

I spent a lot of time thinking, though, and I resolved never to be that guy--the leech, the guy who not only can't do everything, but who can't do anything. I don't understand the kind of mind that can slack off in a situation where everyone is hurting, that can do no more than the minimum necessary to get by because it knows that other people will take the slack. I don't really get how people can live with themselves that way.

Learning to lead

Setting off artillery simulators at 0300 was pointlessly annoying--possessing no bunkers or anything to run to, we decided our tents were either a) armored, in which case we could continue sleeping, or b) tents, in which case we were all dead and could continue sleeping.

FTX report

50 hours of training. 6 hours of sleep. 400 rounds. 8 billion cacti. 1 second-degree burn in the shape of an M-16A2 barrel and front site post.

Good times.

In the field

...At last, I can take off the Marksman Badge of Loserosity and replace it with the Sharpshooter Badge of Coolness, even though I was really hoping for the Expert Badge of Awesomeness...

Gettin' my kill on

It's a lot more fun when you can just assume that everyone you meet is trying to put holes in you and act accordingly (i.e. reciprocate with enthusiasm).

Goodfellow endgame

It is the solemn duty of every private (and specialist, of course) to avoid as much work as possible, just as it is the solemn duty of every NCO to make this extraordinarily difficult.


Weather is mysterious and strange.

. . .
And the drill sergeants wonder why we were not motivated this morning. Simple:

  • We were desperately hoping that you would be struck by lightning, thus proving by act of God that it is unholy to be up and singing cadence at that hour.
  • It's hard to be terribly impressed by a drill sergeant--ANY drill sergeant--after you have just seen and heard and felt nature kick everyone's ass.

Morning PT

In which Sig gets up early. And is well-hydrated.

The 1-month mark

In which Sig learns some unpleasant news about his job. Not that he can really tell you about it.

Well, sort of an improvement.

In which Sig is bored. Very bored. Wow, is he ever bored.

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