Review: The Death of a Car

In which Sig reviews the entire process from "crunch" to "cry" to "total" to "Craigslist" to "vroom."

Review: Boker Cop Tool

I wanted something more appropriate for daily carry--not overtly threatening, yet still useful in case I need to flip someone's breathing switch. As a bonus, I have developed a new irrational fear of being trapped in a burning vehicle, so a strap cutter would be ideal.

Update! I just discovered that the strap cutter "corner" works perfectly as a bottle opener. SWEET.

. . .

6 out of 7 burning Humvees that don't have Sig trapped in them.

Review: The Weapon

Good violent fun. A little on the grim side. I will re-read it when next I'm feeling super misanthropic and angry about our foreign policy wonks kowtowing to the UN and EU. Tomorrow, maybe.

5 out of 7 orbital kinetic strikes on population centers.

Review: Expelled

Anyone interested in the state of science in America today really ought to go see this film. Anyone who believes that science is nonpolitical REALLY ought to go see this film.

I give it 9 out of 10 DNA-seeding space aliens.

Review: Transformers

Any time you blow up a city, you have Sig in the audience cheering. [Independence Day started to fail horribly when it stopped blowing up cities.] In this movie, they break stuff. A lot of stuff. It's totally awesome. Plus there's a robotic decapitation and a robotic dismemberment. Sweet.

Theatrical release: 8 out of 10 ROBOTS! FROM SPACE! FIGHTING!
No-hackers-or-military-officers Special "Sig" Edition: 14 out of 10 ROBOTS! FROM SPACE! FIGHTING!

Review: The Runaway Robot

But trust me--this book is far superior to any other robot book in the universe, and your kids will have an inferior childhood if you don't find them a copy.

The Runaway Robot: 11 awesome runaway robots out of 10.

Review: The Break Up

I can see where a lot of people would enjoy this.

4 broken hearts out of 10.

Underworld Evolution

I enjoyed the first film, which had most of the same features as this one, although I thought the plot held together a little better. And to be fair, many of what I consider to be "plot holes" may in fact be "areas of mystery to be explained in a third movie." That annoys me, but since I do it in my own writing, I can hardly in all fairness complain when someone else does it.


I give it 7 bloody impalements out of 10.

Dragonforce: Silly name, good band

Anyway, they were (and are, it turns out) a speed metal band of the classical persuasion—apparently, no one told them that the 1980s were over. It’s all there—random nonsensically vague songs about dragons and fire and swords, high wailing vocals, and really tight riffs at a ridiculously fast tempo. That should be restated—I have never heard any group play this fast this well. Or even just this fast.

Valley of the Damned: 8 out of 10 wailing guitars.
Inhuman Rampage: 9 out of 10 thundering bass lines.

Red Rabbit

It’s easy for me to define the qualities that make up an entertaining and enjoyable Tom Clancy novel because they were all AWOL in Red Rabbit.

I give it 3 out of 10 bunnies. At least one of those is because it's a really long book and killed most of a day in a very boring place.

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