Are politicians really that bad?

Honestly, though... it's been rather vogue, especially in this season, to proclaim an erudite dislike of all candidates, and an overall distaste for politics, etc.

But is that in any wise a sensible stance?

I *could* talk about how great ham is, but how I dislike all pig farmers because they're covered in mud... but all that actually would show is that I have no idea how pigs are farmed.

There will never be a politician with whom you or I absolutely agree. Even if I ran for president and - in an apparent fit of mass delusion - was elected, even then I wouldn't agree with all the decisions I had to make, because the nature of our political system is such that all voices have at least some influence, and I would at least occasionally have to make compromises and let certain things I want slide in favor of things I want more.

Many people view this as a disgusting and corrupt process, but truthfully I think it's a good thing. All that politicking assures that everyone has at least some influence. Take that away, and all you have is two wolves and a sheep deciding on dinner.


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