Assuming I can figure this out properly, I am archiving this site in preparation to start over from scratch.

I initially set this site up under Drupal 4.6 back in March of 2005. After not quite 5 years of experimentation, guesswork, not reading the instructions, and not staying current on updates (I'm not even certain which version is running at the moment, 6.something), I figure it's time to start clean, either with the current version of Drupal (likely) or WordPress or something (also possible).

The content here will (if this works right) end up on, and the new site will appear at this URL.


Brief site outage (why?!)

More stuff about how awesome my web host is, and how it was totally not their fault, with some digression about how little I actually pay to keep this thing going.

Even my domain name is a killing word.

However, since the dawn of time, the logs have been... confused. Hosting on NearlyFreeSpeech, my site has a public name that I have registered ( and a true, (not so) secret name ('s kind of a Muad'dib-Usul sort of thing. Until very recently, would load the index page like normal, though if you clicked on links, it would load the equivalent.

End of the year nonsense

I would like to see expanded readership, but not if it means writing about things I don't care about or churning out high volumes of garbage to keep people's RSS clients pinging. I won't say I do this only for myself, but I'm still the target audience--you all are collateral damage.

In short, expect more and better things. I will try not to disappoint.

Search terms, site stats, and PowerBars

I've lost track of how much money I've spent at since I first set up this site here, but I've been extraordinarily happy with the service and the value. However much it has been, it's probably less than I've spent on PowerBars and chewing gum since I arrived in Afghanistan.

Being on time: still important

What is wrong with you people? If you don't know why being on time is important by now, you're not going to figure it out reading Sigspace.


I love my web host

It's time for more (NFSN) fanboy ranting. If you have no interest in website hosting, you may safely skip this entry.

One year

One year ago tomorrow, I decided that I'd had enough with trying to run a web site from my DSL line and dusty Dell P3 server. I set up hosting with and configured (now using Drupal v4.5 with an all-new database.

When I split the site and created SigSpace, I cloned that database and then nuked the stuff I didn't need. In that sense, at least, this is the 1-year anniversary of both sites.

In honor of the occasion, I updated the about page and my own user page. Now I'm going to purge some old user accounts.


I destroyed my photo gallery in a fit of rage. I'll fix it later.

I gotta say that the thrill that comes with utterly destroying something with a few clicks almost makes the frustration of setting it up in the first place worthwhile.


New service: Sitebar

An online bookmark management and sharing tool comes to SigSpace. And there was much rejoicing. (Updated and clarified 21Feb06)

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