By request

By request

The great thing about Picasa is that you can turn an accidentally out-of-focus image into an intentionally out-of-focus image and somehow that makes it better.

Inspired by comments in this post at Rachel Lucas' blog. Plus, my child is ridiculously cute and needs another photo posted.




He is absolutely beautiful!

Allow me to compliment you on your exceptional taste in names.
My Ian turns 19 in a couple of weeks.

Congratulations - enjoy every moment.

No photos in RSS feed

Looks like photos still don't show up in your RSS feed - I only knew this post had a photo due to context. Any chance you could add a not to photo posts so feed readers like myself know they're missing something?

Cute photo, by the way. :)


I'll try to remember, but I'm hoping that the new version of Drupal will have some options to supercharge my RSS feeds--or at least exert some control over them.

I really ought to upgrade. v6 has been out for a while; I'm on 5.7 I think.



Ian looks incredibly cute indeed.

Been wanting to say this since he was born. Congratulations Ben and Devon.

The Lord has blessed you richly.

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord.
The fruit of the womb is His reward."
Psalm 127:3