Так мое слово становится камнем

Russian section back up

Alright, I've copied, pasted, and edited the appropriate entries from the sobrania.homelinux.net to the new russian section. I've added a few additional items, and it's organized a little differently. Shortly I will have the RapidRote files up as well.

In the meantime, I am watching Children of Dune on DVD (from Netflix) and thinking about drinking a beer. Tonight's homework is already finished.



Babelfish is just about the funniest thing evar when you know a foreign language.

I use it primarily to spellcheck my russkie entries, since a grammatically unknown phrase will be transliterated rather than translated. It's a crude sort of error checking, I suppose.

Check out this translation of one of my favorite Lyube songs. Songs are hard to translate, anyway, but this one really misses the target by a few yards....


Re-building "Russian Language Resources"

I've started rebuilding the Russian Language Resources book again, though mostly it just consists of placeholders at the moment. <brokenrecord>Once I get the server fixed, it will go faster.</brokenrecord> I'm actually kind of jazzed to get it going, because I think it could be useful, and I know there are other people out there with similar needs to mine. The worst thing about an intensive year-long course in Russian is the incredible tedium that sets in, reading and listening to the same sorts of things, over and over again...

Anyway, I'll post a link when it's got enough to be useful, but as it is you can search and find it, since I had to set it to 'publish' to work on it properly.

For now, though, I'm going to bed, as the alarm goes off in 6 hours.



Homework will go even faster than planned; I left the book at school. Huzzah!


Трудно переводить из сервера на новый сайт

Grr. I've spent most of my evening trying to figure out a GOOD way to selectively import content from the old Sobrania.homelinux.net site to the new Sobrania.net site, and it's just not happening. On the plus side, should I need it, I can backup and restore the current site pretty easily, but I really wanted to be able to transfer things over selectively--certain stories, certain posts, and in particular the Русский resources and web links. As it is, looks like I'll be copying and pasting selectively, and even THAT is a pain in the зад right now because the server is not talking nice at all, and I can't get the network back on the Intarweb until I replace the network card or whatever the heck is wrong with it.

No way around it. Gotta crack the case open. But not tonight. I still have homework, and I want to get some recreational DVD watching done tonight, too. It's already 2000; fortunately, homework won't take but 20 minutes.


Already a Hard Day

It's 0647 right now. I've been up for not quite 3 hours. In that time, I have slammed the side of my head into the support pillar in the car port and then been hit center mass (read: groin) by a soccer ball while playing dodgeball, hard enough that I sat out a few rounds.

Hopefully, the day shall be looking up shortly. In the meantime, I'm getting an icepack for my cranium.


Устный экзамен через неделю.

Устный экзамен бывает через неделю. Мне надо получить 1+ чтобы уехать отсуда. Преподаватели думают что я могу делать так, но я ещё не знаю. Увидим.

Кроме того, родители жены приедут из Вашинтона скоро, в субботу. Я тоже не знаю об этом.

Кажется, я ничего не знаю сегодня.


Brief Outage

OK, we had an outage for a few hours, but it was due to scheduled maintenance and upgrades on the host that I neglected to mention. The system didn't quite pop up again right away, but it was sorted out post haste. I'm quite pleased with the support at NearlyFreeSpeech.net so far.

I still haven't repaired my server yet, so it will be a bit yet before the rest of the old stuff makes it over.


Logic Puzzle

  • There are three computers locally, and one remote, linked via DSL.
  • The data must get from one of the local computers to the remote one.
  • The work to get that data moved must be done from a DIFFERENT local computer.
  • Only one local computer can be hooked up to the DSL at a time.
  • Each computer can be hooked up to the DSL or to another local computer, but not both at once.
  • The computer that is being used to do the work sucks. And is running Windows. But I repeat myself.

It's just like one of those freaking logic puzzles. As anyone who knows me well will testify, rational linear thought makes my brain cry. So I'm drawing outside the box, and rather than attempt to solve this puzzle, I'm going to try putting a new NIC in the server so it can talk to the webhost direct.

This is what happens when you pack up your router because your server can do it better. To be fair, however, if I tried to set up the router again, it would probably take 3x as long, and start working mysteriously for no reason whatsoever. It just doesn't get along with this DSL modem.


User Accounts

I'm not going to go through and re-create the user accounts from the old system because

  • There were only a dozen or so, few of them used more than once
  • It's easy to login using drupal.org or livejournal.com accounts
  • Account self-creation is live and functional

This last is particularly amusing to me, since I could never get it to work right when it was running on my server.

So create an account at will. The basic account will let you customize the layout (not many themes enabled yet, but they're coming) and post comments under your own name, keep track of new stuff since last visit, etc. If you are so inclined, and I judge you worthy (e.g. not a stalker, psycho, or obnoxious 14-year-old), I can enable posting of blogs and stories also.

This may actually be worthwhile to do now, since I have the site hosted somewhere other than my own DSL connection. Thus, the site will be available--even when I'm playing Halo 2.


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