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Being domestic

I'm home, enjoying the company of my wife and cats, and just generally being domestic. This morning I made breakfast and coffee, and it was everything I have been missing.

While I'm here, I will try to upload some photos and do some other updates and behind-the-scenes stuff I've been meaning to since the intarweb is ridiculously fast compared to my "normal" over there. There may be some cosmetic changes and updates in the works, too.


Comms down again.

Just FYI, but my new hard drive fried itself the other day. I suspect that something else is wonky with the laptop; it was warm, but it wasn't THAT warm.

Anyway, I'm computerless again, and getting ready to leave again before too long, so don't expect to see much new here. I have absolutely no idea where I'm going or what sort of mission I'll be doing, but I'll be coming back in a few weeks to go home on R&R; you all can manage without me for that long.

I wonder if I should try to find a guest blogger for times like these. Thoughts? This software is actually designed to be a community development package, not an individual ego site. My ego is big enough for a community, of course, but that's probably not what was intended.


Lazy Sunday

Not a lot happening.

The Jawa thing (or: Jawa, We Hardly Knew Ye)

I doubt I'll come to any conclusions. The only one who can clear anything up is the man himself, and unfortunately, I don't think that this will ever happen.

[30JUL06: The second (and last) part is posted. It's long.]

Images and words

The image module I'm using to post pictures isn't quite what I hoped for. I will keep checking and see what else might work better.

It's not super intuitive, but you can click on a link at the bottom of the image node to see the original, full-size photos, which are at 1600x1200 resolution. It does odd things to the layout, but at least you can see the photo better and save it if you're so inclined.


New theme goodness

About the new look, derived from the very good adc theme, but twisted to my own evil ends.

Site upgrade--flee in terror!

I'm well behind current for the Drupal software which runs this site, so I'm doing upgrades. Beware wonkiness. I'll update when it's safe to browse again.

Over this glacial connection from Afghanistan, this will be pretty painful even if things go well.

UPDATE (several hours later):

In the words of the sea captain from the Simpsons, "ARRRR, I don't know what I'm doing."

Read more for gruesome details.

The War FAQ

The questions that would be frequently asked about my involvement in the War on Terror if anyone ever sent me e-mail.

The laptop lives

Thanks to some assistance from a sergeant in my battalion who knows where to find stuff, I now have a healthy (and much larger) hard drive for my laptop. Expect a few more updates before we head out again, but we are pretty busy preparing, too.

In the meantime, I'm trying to restore stuff from backups, install programs, figure out how I had things set up that worked before and now don't, etc. All the headache that comes from reloading a computer. Would that it was a bit faster computer...

Things I hope to cover over the next few days: mission retrospective stuff, pictures, how much the bad guys piss me off, how much the good guys sometimes piss me off, and the amazing sociological experiment that is livnig with the infantry on a remote mountain top while people are trying to kill you.

Also, the Jawa thing.


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