Your tax dollars at work

In which Sig spends a lot of your money to stay in a really swanky place and web surf and play video games, which he could have done at home.

Internet Dads and Nuclear Purple Poo

I have mixed feelings about this. I feel vaguely guilty for not diligently taking advantage of the era in which we live to share the joys and highlights of Ian's discovery of the universe around him, especially on behalf of family several time zones away. On the other hand, it's not like he gave me a consent form to write on the Intarweb about the nuclear purple poo he's going to have when he finishes processing the blueberries he just ate. And thanks to the magic of the age, such stories will be around for all eternity, or at least until after the point where he gives up trying to have a serious political career because pictures of him in a hat box keep surfacing.

Round in the chamber

[Originally posted at Vox Veterana on 31 JUL 07.] asked us to answer some questions for a little interview type dealie; my responses are over here.

Since I mentioned it in the interview, I will give notice here, as well. My wife and I recently received a warning order from the doctor`s office; we are to expect reinforcement sometime in March of 2008, bringing our total family complement up to 3. My wife takes her role as a "force multiplier" seriously.

OK, I can`t think of any more terrible military metaphors for pregnancy without devolving into the realm of the truly tasteless. As it is, jokes about muzzle velocity practically write themselves over the concept of "round in the chamber."

More scribings are in the works. Have a good one, everybody.


Technology in the home

Executive summary: We bought some more home electronics so we could separate the television function from the computer function, and then we moved the television back into the computer room for unrelated reasons.

Centennial Ball

Centennial Ball

This was the portrait taken at the Tacoma Armory Centennial Ball on December 6, 2008.

She's pretty.


This and that

In which Sig and Sunbeam have a busy, busy weekend doing Army junk. Some of it was shiny.

We're a geeky family.

Some people do wacky recreational things on their holidays, or visit family, or go on outings. We stayed in and installed new aftermarket batteries in our venerable (but still viable) iPod Minis using instructions found here and batteries found here. $9 each, plus exorbitant shipping, but far cheaper than a new iPod, no?


My mother in law is awesome.

Raise your hand if you got a German chocolate cake for your birthday with homemade frosting. Yeah, I didn't think so.


"More water? More ice? A margarita?"

The nurse-midwives decide that it might be helpful for her to be able to see the baby coming out. A pair of DoD anti-satellite laser/spotlights are aimed at her unmentionables, and a giant mirror is brought out. This is not something that we had really planned on doing in our birth plan, mostly because I have seen all of the Alien movies and didn't really fancy living one out. But once they wheel it out and allow us to see the Miracle of Birth live and in full color, my response is pretty much the same as my wife's: "Ew."

My life has officially changed again.

My life has officially changed again.

Born 1210 local time on 28FEB08 at the local naval hospital, measuring 20.5" long and 7 lbs 3 oz, I present to you my son and heir, better known as Siglet but officially known as Ian Anthony.

SitRep to follow. Eventually. =)


[Edit: added the date; sorry for the confusion.]

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