Review: The Break Up

OK, so I don't really keep up on movies. I'm not even sure how old this one is, but on the recommendation of one of the MASINT guys, I borrowed and watched it last night.

I can see where a lot of people would enjoy this. Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston are both decent acting-type-people, and they do some fairly amusing things. Supporting cast, particularly Vincent D'onofrio (butchered that horribly, I bet), were also quite good.

Unfortunately, relationship-gone-bad movies are rather painful for me to watch and relate to. I'm one of the four people on the planet without a "psychotic ex" story. I met the girl, stalked her for over a decade, married her, and lived happily ever after. Ergo, I don't have a lot of patience or sympathy for characters who say and do really stupid things to hurt each other, nor do imploding relationships amuse me overly much. This movie was more like a teaching tool (i.e. what not to ever do in a relationship) than entertainment.

I give it 4 broken hearts out of 10.