Comes from his mother's side

Comes from his mother's side

...and in yesterday's ultrasound, you can clearly see my firstborn son giving us the finger. Except for redacting certain personally identifying information, this photo is not edited.


PS- By the way, we're having a son.



Our first grandson! He'll need some help keeping up with all those girl cousins though.


Although a bit creepy that your mother "dreamt" you would be the one to have a boy, I find it very cool and exciting that we're finally getting a boy in the family. Particulary as I'm the mother of three of the girl cousins he'll be trying to keep up with. I wish him lots and lots of luck....two of the three don't move slowly. =)


Between being deployed and being a parent, you are braver than I would ever be.....I'd sooner go on a thousand straight "Man with a Gun" calls.