Scraping the bottom

Let's see. Of the equipment I used extensively in Afghanistan--the M1114 uparmored Humvee, the M249 SAW, the [thing I hated], the [other thing I hated even more], the M16--I had extensive training only in... the M16. I had a few hours of classroom and field training on [thing I hated]; I had week of ineffective overcrowded and very basic classroom training on [other thing I hated even more] and enough field training to know that it was going to make our lives miserable in Afghanistan--I sure called that one.

Ground truth for Iraq

I don't talk much about Iraq. I have opinions just like everyone else, but no more ground truth than can be gleaned from an analogous-but-not-really-the-same deployment to Afghanistan.

That said, I have a few contrasting approaches to the Iraq question for your consideration.

[Lots of linkage and a video. Moving pictures!]

A Peaceful Demonstration

I haven't caught much on the news about these delusional psychos, probably because the big story was all of the war veterans going crazy and beating the crap out of them and destroying public property.

Oh wait. That didn't happen.

Well, then, I don't know why I didn't hear anything about this.

Riding the surge

This is the sort of post I wish I could write, but I'm too busy drinking coffee, having nightmares, and watching the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon on DVD, courtesy of Sergeant Smallville.

The whole squad

Normally, I try to avoid the tendency to just endlessly repost stuff from milblogs; I think there's enough of that going around already without "me too" posts. However, this one from Blackfive was too good. In sum, an entire squad of combat engineers in Iraq re-enlisted together. That's just cool. I can't find the article elsewhere (from a non-sub site; Google News doesn't yet have it), but it's quoted heavily at the original link.


Iraqi civil war: not so much

Apparently, the sky is not falling. Who knew? Lots of people--just not the ones in the news industry.

What We're Really Fighting For

This guy has a refreshingly honest soul-searching look at the Iraqi elections and his own notions about what we're doing over there.[quote]I still am no Bush fan, and I know that America got lied to. I know we shouldn't have gone, and I think Rove is as evil as they come. But through all this deception and lying, through all this dismemberment and pain, America has wrought a beautiful, fantastic side effect: joy, freedom and a hope for peace. Does it take lies and misdirection to do this?? Is this what the other side of justice is? I feel like such a whiner and I don't know what to think anymore. Ultimately, in total defiance of my mother and grandmother’s teachings, two wrongs have made a right and my moral compass is tired and busted.[/quote]

Food for thought.


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