Radio check, over.

[Originally posted at Vox Veterana on 25 AUG 08.]

I`m not sure what Tim is up to, but I have a six-month-old. That`s my excuse, and I`m sticking with it. Also, I`ve been TDY four times in that six months, with another in a few weeks. And we moved. Life has been hectic.

But good. Really good. I`m very blessed to be living in this nation, and able to serve her full time--no pesky civilian career to get in the way any longer. I`ve been a "part time" soldier (on temporary full time status) for longer than I was ever a "full time" computer nerd, so I guess my career transformation is complete.

I`ll try to muster up some enthusiasm and ire to write something clever here, but for now I will direct you to my most recent missive of any substance, Staff Sergeant Sig. Contrary to expectations, it`s not all self-congratulatory nonsense.

To bribe you, there are also cute pictures of my son over there.