New service: Sitebar

The really short version:

Sitebar is a website directory on SigSpace that you can edit. You can also use it to keep your personal bookmarks backed up on the web so you can access them anywhere.

The short version:

Sitebar is a social bookmarking system software, similar to, but in this case specific to

The long version:

Based on this discussion at Slashdot about Yahoo!'s impending purchase of, I started looking into what the point was behind social bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is an activity performed over a computer network that allows users to save and categorize (see folksonomy) a personal collection of bookmarks and share them with others. Users may also take bookmarks saved by others and add them to their own collection, as well as to subscribe to the lists of others. It's a tool for personal knowledge management.

OK. Sounds cool to me.

But a fair bit of the discussion at Slashdot was over the impending lameitude of the service now that Yahoo! is buying it. Whilst pondering this, I found a comment describing an alternative service available,

From the sitebar features page:

SiteBar is a solution for people who use multiple browsers or computers and want to have their bookmarks available from anywhere without need to synchronize them or take them along. The bookmarks are stored on a server - this could be:
  • a SiteBar server run by its authors (you don't need to install SiteBar software - just sign up our service);
  • another public server running our SiteBar software
  • your own server running our free SiteBar software. [emphasis added]

Hmmm. =)

Like most things at SigSpace, this feature is primarily for me, but anyone who likes can easily register and add their own bookmarks. It's very easy to upload your browser's entire collection, and then subsequently add bookmarks to the system, which can be run in a popup window, a frame, or a sidebar. Especially as I tend to be stuck at public web terminals as much as I'm on one of my own computers, the ability to import and export bookmarks--or just use the online version all of the time--is very very useful.

To get the most use out of it, check out the integrator page which provides different options for integrating the Sitebar with your own browser.

Feel free to play around with it, especially if any part of this didn't particularly make sense.