Not sure what to tell you about the links; they all opened fine for me in FireFox 3.something on WinXP.

The first is an article on the Tribune's politics page about an Obama campaign effort to prevent anyone from calling in to a radio show with a host they didn't much care for. The plain HTML version is here.

The second is from the Huffington Post--which I would frequently consider suspect--about media distortions and exaggerations of supposed McCain "hate rallies." The print version, which should be much easier on a browser, is here.

The third link is Michelle Malkin with a collection of images and videos pointing out the Democrats' hypocrisy in attributing "insane rage" to McCain supporters. The print version is here, though it still contains embedded YouTube videos and the like.

A plain text version of an article discussing Sandra Bernhardt's warning that Sarah Palin would be "gang-raped by [her] big black brothers" if she visits Manhattan can be found here.

The fifth link was one of many blog posts about the media feeding frenzy on "Joe the Plumber" and the bizarre measures taken to discredit his viewpoint on the basis of what was perhaps an overly honest answer by Senator Obama to an honest question. I couldn't find a way to make it any easier to view, but there is no lack of such commentary if you care to look for it.



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