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Drinking the Kool-Aid for fun and profit

Because signing up to defend and uphold the Constitution is so 18th century.

I like to write titles that only vaguely reference the subject matter.

What was my point? Oh yeah. I like civilized discourse of important issues (like guns) between people of varied but experienced and/or educated backgrounds who can argue politely and concede when they are wrong and even allow themselves to be uncertain from time to time. At least, I think I would like that, if such a thing existed.

Beating a dead horse

There are lots and lots of people writing about Scott Thomas Beauchamp and The New Republic, and I had not intended to throw my hat into the ring--but hey, nobody's making you read this stuff. My thoughts, largely in response to comments from Tim's earlier post, are over at Vox Veterana.

For what it's worth, there is such a person as PV2 Scott Thomas Beauchamp stationed in Germany, at least according to Army Knowledge Online. The temptation to e-mail him was powerful, but I'm sure that a) his inbox is probably approaching critical mass by now and b) his own sergeants will take care of him.

I will reiterate: the fact that we wear identical uniforms is deeply offensive to me.


Getting my Русский on.

I wish I had more time, since there's a lot I'd like to say about my experience this week as a camp counselor for 1st and 2nd grade hellions, but I've got to jump straight into a two-week Russian immersion course intended to give me another shot at improving my DLPT scores. I have no idea how much time I'll have online--probably not much.

But if you can't read Sig, the next best thing is to read what Sig is reading. The link is my Google Reader shared items page--all of the items I've marked as particularly interesting in my Reader feeds. You may or may not agree, but it's there.

I'll update as opportunity allows, but that may not be until July 20th. Sorry. Deal.


Still waiting on the bionic spine.

It's probably a good thing that I am feeling better--I called for to set up an appointment for the physical therapist, and they can't fit me in until 1000 hours on the 30th--of July. When people talk about free health care for every American citizen, tell them to close their eyes and picture 300 million people on TriCare--while their eyes are closed, punch them in the throat and see how long they're willing to wait to see a doctor.

Of battle buddies and blue falcons

I spent a lot of time thinking, though, and I resolved never to be that guy--the leech, the guy who not only can't do everything, but who can't do anything. I don't understand the kind of mind that can slack off in a situation where everyone is hurting, that can do no more than the minimum necessary to get by because it knows that other people will take the slack. I don't really get how people can live with themselves that way.

Learning to lead

Setting off artillery simulators at 0300 was pointlessly annoying--possessing no bunkers or anything to run to, we decided our tents were either a) armored, in which case we could continue sleeping, or b) tents, in which case we were all dead and could continue sleeping.

This that and the other thing

In which Sig updates about not updating, and covers some quick topics.

Do you know Russian? Could you teach me really fast?

This week, I'm scheduled to take my language proficiency test--an annual requirement that I haven't done since I left the language school over two years ago. I spent the weekend preparing, by which I mean drinking beer and crying a bit.

Today was the reading comprehension test. The verdict? Not bad. I mean, random guessing should average 25%, right? Tomorrow is the listening test. I predict wailing and gnashing of teeth. Of course, most foreign languages sound like that to me.


Birthday: a retrospective

In which we take a look at birthdays past and present.

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