Support the troops


In which Sig does the milblog echo chamber thing and links to somebody else instead of writing something himself.

Subscriptions for the deployed

In which Sig benefits from a program for making Operation Enduring Boredom a little less painful.

Keeping my cool

I have learned two things from this, however. First, it sure seems that someone is trying to scam me via e-mail by playing on my presumed sympathies for the troops in Iraq. Second, a fairly reputable Soldier's aid group wants to send the troops scarves full of magic beads, which requires further study.


I just received what can only be characterized as a terrifying volume of snack food in the mail. Two boxes from Mom and one from Ick. I now have Gatorade mix, peanut butter stuffed pretzels, beef jerky, candy of various types, PowerBars of various types, Girl Scout cookies, mixed nuts, gingersnaps, shelf stable chocolate milk, and probably a few other things I've forgotten already.

My family utterly rules. As a matter of fact, I should tell them so.

Family: You utterly rule.


Mom rules

Another card, letter, and package today--all from Mom. Mom rules.

A few more things

More pictures, cookies, and a memorial.

More mail

Did I not say that mail was one of the greatest inventions ever? Did I not perhaps suggest that I'd said it before and would in the future?

Ha, I say, for it has proven true again.

A series of blessings

Also--and this is a big one--I got a card and letter from my Sweetie. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: mail is one of mankind's greatest inventions. Especially when you're in the middle of nowhere. I like e-mail and whatnot as much as the next guy, but a physical letter that you know was held by your loved one just a few days prior to being in your hands is valuable beyond words.

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