Automotive note to self

Don't set the parking brake when freakishly cold weather is predicted that night, because you won't be able to drive the next day.




or not? ;)

Poor, sad MR2

The parking brake freezes in really cold weather. Who'd've thunk? ;)

Heh, if I'd remembered, I could've warned him about that, but it's been a long time since I tried to drive the MR2 in the snow. :) He took my car to work on Monday, because the parking brake was frozen. So, yeah, "oops". :)


My windows froze shut so both Monday and Tuesday I had to open the door to hand the guard my badge. By yesterday, they had finally unfroze. Today I was just happy to get home since we got so much snow. The base sent us "non-essential" types home this morning (and after I successfully got there on time!)