Don't go into the light!

So, of course I immediately started wondering if I was doing irreparable harm to his developing young brain, since that's the sort of things that new parents think all of the time. [If you're a new parent and you don't think that all of the time, you will now obsess over your past failure to do so and how you're a rotten negligent parent for not even worrying about your child's brain being turned to tapioca pudding by shiny music visualizations or C-SPAN or what have you.]

Walking on the moon

Interesting factoid: Walking on the Moon by The Police has a nigh-instantaneous calming effect on the tsarevich when he is crying, especially if Daddy bounces him up and down in an exaggerated "low gravity" motion while singing the lyrics in an even sillier voice than Sting did on the original recording back in the 80s.

Some might say that calming my son and heir down is not worth paying the price of listening to me sing in this manner. These people have not had the pleasure of having him shrieking in their ear from a range of 6" for durations of greater than 20 minutes.



So I ended up eating chicken noodle soup, sucking down TheraFlu, and beating X-Men Legends on my new (to me) GameCube. I have only two games; this one, and Super Smash Bros Melee. The single-player value of the latter is somewhat limited, alas, especially if you suck at it (which I do). It's quite humbling to get your ass kicked by Jigglypuff.

It's not slaying lava monsters, but it ain't bad.

(Referring, of course, to this infamous USMC recruiting video.)

Apparently, this video is playing in theaters ahead of some movies, and has been for a few weeks. Per the announcement on AKO:

The National Guard will execute a national theater advertising program from 26 October through 3 January, 2007. The National Guard will capitalize on the large audience of theater goers during the holiday months and expose them to a new 3:30 film entitled "Citizen Soldier". The film features an original song about the National Guard by the multi-platinum alternative rock band 3 Doors Down.

(Read more for the video and further linkage--I don't like embedding videos on the front page.)


A video from my favorite Russian band, Lyube (Любэ), "Kombat" (Battery commander). "Read more" for the embed (because I hate having them on the front page).

Request for Information

Alright, as Mike has pointed out to me, a new Dream Theater album (already?!) is coming out next week. Further research reveals that after five freaking years, the new Symphony X album is finally coming out this next month. And a side note reveals that the new Megadeth album is getting really positive reviews.

So who has heard what? And what other albums am I missing?


Dragonforce: Silly name, good band

Anyway, they were (and are, it turns out) a speed metal band of the classical persuasion—apparently, no one told them that the 1980s were over. It’s all there—random nonsensically vague songs about dragons and fire and swords, high wailing vocals, and really tight riffs at a ridiculously fast tempo. That should be restated—I have never heard any group play this fast this well. Or even just this fast.

Valley of the Damned: 8 out of 10 wailing guitars.
Inhuman Rampage: 9 out of 10 thundering bass lines.

Guilty musical pleasures

I admit it. I like Bjork.

Mock away. I have almost 200 rounds of ammunition that doesn't appear on any inventory, and I'm currently listening to "Violently Happy."

Think about it.


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