Organization or lack thereof

In which Sig messes around with the menus, causing chaos and despair among the (small) userbase.

Spam-filter 66, Spam 0


[quote="Spam module admin"]66 of the 66 (100%) automatically detected spam postings were correctly marked as spam.[/quote]

Sweet. Now if only the spam sites weren't clogging up my referral logs.


Eat it, Texas Poker.

We shall see how well the spam module works. I have installed it, and re-enabled preview-less comment posting.


10 Weeks

The site has been up at this location hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech.Net for 10 weeks now.

So far, it has cost me $2.80, plus domain registration.


Meaningful discussion on the Intarweb

In which Sig ruminates a bit about the many failings of Internet communication and discussion systems, and points to some possible hopes for the future.

The Incredible Disappearing Login Block

...in which Sig does battle with PHP and wins. Sort of.

Storm Theme

The 'Storm' theme I have developed using one of the default Drupal xtemplate themes is available here. This is a slightly improved version over the old one I had made available for download, as it fixes the navigation tabs that show on some pages which had insufficient contrast to be legible.

Just unzip into its own folder under /themes (e.g. /themes/storm) and it should show up just fine. I should probably get around to making a screenshot to use.

Sobrania.homelinux.net should be back up.

I spent way too long today resurrecting the server and making it play nice, but we finally have it back up. In addition to its relatively insignificant web server duties, it also handled NAT and web proxy duties here in the home, and that's what I was really wishing I had.

I will probably make some changes there to better distinguish it from this site, since this one is in active development and that one is not. Once I've removed what I need from the drupal 4.5.2 install there, I will probably wipe the box and start testing 4.6, assuming that time allows.


About SigSpace

...In which I expound upon the nature of this site, and its humble origins.

Трудно переводить из сервера на новый сайт

Grr. I've spent most of my evening trying to figure out a GOOD way to selectively import content from the old Sobrania.homelinux.net site to the new Sobrania.net site, and it's just not happening. On the plus side, should I need it, I can backup and restore the current site pretty easily, but I really wanted to be able to transfer things over selectively--certain stories, certain posts, and in particular the Русский resources and web links. As it is, looks like I'll be copying and pasting selectively, and even THAT is a pain in the зад right now because the server is not talking nice at all, and I can't get the network back on the Intarweb until I replace the network card or whatever the heck is wrong with it.

No way around it. Gotta crack the case open. But not tonight. I still have homework, and I want to get some recreational DVD watching done tonight, too. It's already 2000; fortunately, homework won't take but 20 minutes.


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