Logic Puzzle

  • There are three computers locally, and one remote, linked via DSL.
  • The data must get from one of the local computers to the remote one.
  • The work to get that data moved must be done from a DIFFERENT local computer.
  • Only one local computer can be hooked up to the DSL at a time.
  • Each computer can be hooked up to the DSL or to another local computer, but not both at once.
  • The computer that is being used to do the work sucks. And is running Windows. But I repeat myself.

It's just like one of those freaking logic puzzles. As anyone who knows me well will testify, rational linear thought makes my brain cry. So I'm drawing outside the box, and rather than attempt to solve this puzzle, I'm going to try putting a new NIC in the server so it can talk to the webhost direct.

This is what happens when you pack up your router because your server can do it better. To be fair, however, if I tried to set up the router again, it would probably take 3x as long, and start working mysteriously for no reason whatsoever. It just doesn't get along with this DSL modem.