This is why I don't like to dream

At least it wasn't in Russian.

Sig Operations Center

Sig Operations Center

We have a Joint Ops Center, a Tactical Ops Center, and probably a few others. I decided to call my room the SOC.

The warning was added later after a few misguided attempts to talk to me. As some can attest, I get ... unsocial... in the hour or three before bedtime.

Getting bored II

In which Sig starts a new instant message service.

Overheard in the hut

Referring to the aforementioned Sudoku puzzle generator:

[quote]SFC Strongbad: So is it fun?

SPC Sig: Sometimes. Mostly it fills me with a nameless rage.

SGT Smallville (from across the hall): Puppies fill you with a nameless rage.

SPC Sig: [pause] They're so barky.

I do like puppies, but you can't tell me that their high-pitched barking isn't like a drill press to your skull.


Close call

"We should totally delete the boards!" I have the best ideas when I'm drinking.

Collecting Irrelevance

I don't too often do just straight blog links ("LOLOLOL!!!!111 chek this site out its awesome!!!11!"), but this did make me laugh.


See, it's funny because they're making fun of Marines and legislators.

Beer & Canoe, take 2

In which Sig does not roll the canoe, nor get towed back to shore by the police.

I'm counting on 'total existence failure'

"This is a guide for those who do not want the Earth to be there anymore."

On the importance of being on time

In which Sig gets good coffee, takes some ugly tests, donates two units of blood, runs the obstacle course, gets ice cream, and gets up early to clean a highway.

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