Good Read

Glad to see that you got another ride. I have a friend who had a newer MR2 and loved it. It was known as The Mister 2.

Your story turned out better than most. When my 91 Sunbird was totaled by a late night run in with an air conditioning repairman's can (he peeled the passenger side back like a sardine can) I fought with insurance companies for about a month before I ended up getting a my Dakota.

The driver initially told me had insurance with one company but when I called them, the company said they did not insure him. I called the guy up and tried to the insurance info but was given the runaround for a couple of days. Then his insurance company told me that it was just as much my fault as it was his (he ran a stop sign) so they denied my claim...even with a police report. I had to get a family friend (who happens to be a lawyer) to make a few calls to get things taken care of. I still did not get what the car was worth, or even what it would cost to repair it, but they did let me keep the totaled car so I sold it for parts.

Could parts from the totaled car help fix the replacement vehicle?


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