We have forward motion.

As of yesterday, we have confirmed, sustained forward motion by the now self-propelled Siglet. I have some poor video on my cell phone which was rendered even poorer by YouTube, so we'll hold off on that for now. We REALLY need to find the power cable for our video camera, which we purchased just a week prior to his arrival and have only used a few times. Also, we need a FireWire card for the computer so we can do direct video upload. Anybody have make/model recommendations?



You go boy!

Yea Siglet! Go, go, go! I guess this means I'll have to vacuum my floors more often and maybe pick up some of those outlet plugs too. And the chase is on...

Firewire card?

1st: Congrats on mobility for the Siglet. Trust me, the entertainment value has just gone up exponentially, but so has your workload.
2nd: Don't you have a Mac somewhere in the house??? Every Mac since about 1999 has shipped with IEEE1394.



True, but Sony does not make Mac software to get the video off the camera. They'd rather I pay the same money as for a Mac and get an inferior craptacular Sony laptop instead.