E-mail to a Lieutenant

CCed to the company commander and the outgoing readiness NCO, because we're nipping this problem in the bud right now.


Regardless of how unhappy you may be with whatever situation in which you find yourself, heaping verbal abuse on my SPC is inappropriate and unprofessional. In the future, if you feel the need to swear at us over the phone, please request that SPC [name] pass the phone back to me so I can hang up on you instead.

Alternately, if you would prefer to communicate politely, I can try to resolve your problems.

SSG [Sig]

Next week should be fun.



1st week on the new job

So, how's it going Son?

There aren't enough tears

Aside from swatting lieutenants, there hasn't been a whole lot to recommend it. It will get better once I have some accounts and can actually do something.


Sometimes LT's need to be

Sometimes LT's need to be given a Time Out.

E-mail to LT

Just wondering if that worked...sure sounds good.


There were a few followup e-mails. I won't detail the entire exchange, but it ended with the CO telling her to apologize to my minion and telling me to accept this and move on with life.

Overall, satisfactory. She stopped by the office today and conspicuously did not acknowledge my presence, but I can totally live with that.