Walking on the moon

Interesting factoid: Walking on the Moon by The Police has a nigh-instantaneous calming effect on the tsarevich when he is crying, especially if Daddy bounces him up and down in an exaggerated "low gravity" motion while singing the lyrics in an even sillier voice than Sting did on the original recording back in the 80s.

Some might say that calming my son and heir down is not worth paying the price of listening to me sing in this manner. These people have not had the pleasure of having him shrieking in their ear from a range of 6" for durations of greater than 20 minutes.




Tsarevich? Your name strongly suggests not I think. You are definitely not a Romanov. ;)

If you ever lose your voice, you may want to try double hearing protection.


It's a title, not a name.

There were Tsars that were not Romanovs; we just don't usually care too much about them. It's a russification of "Caesar," so "son of Caesar" is just a tip of the hat to my raging megalomania.


No relation...

I was not implying that all tsars were Romanovs - that's just the only family that came to mind. I was rather implying that your name is probably the epitome of anti-tsar-ishness. :)