Ring tones

I always spoke contemptuously of people with fashionably musical ring tones. What an insane waste of technology! How ridiculously pretentious! What a lame song! OK, so mostly I was contemptuous of people's taste. And also jealous because I wasn't willing to waste money on a cool phone that could do shiny ring tones.

Now I have a cool phone because we swapped over to T-Mobile. Yes, I've joined the Crackberry generation. And that means I can have cool ring tones, too.

To aid in this endeavor, I found a shiny site called Audiko which has a zillion musical ring tones available and will create new ones from your existing MP3s. So now instead of some lame ring-ring-ring noise, I've got Collective Soul's Heavy.

My phone is cooler than yours, but more importantly, my musical taste is superior.


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